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The latest news for April 27th 2018

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A mixed bag of maritime news this week. We began the week with reports of what might be the largest crew kidnapping off Nigeria in recent years. The FWN Rapide was attacked and boarded by pirates who then escaped with 11 crew members from the ship. One man hid for two days while the two remaining crew managed to get the ship underway. 
Elsewhere in Nigeria, there are reports from Delta that a group of militants who had been threatening to attack oil infrastructure have now gone back on their threats. Analysts in the region aren't so sure, but time will tell.
In the Indian Ocean Region, the CMF and EU NAVFOR have hosted the 42nd Shared Awareness and De-confliction (SHADE) meeting in Bahrain. The event allows a variety of nation states to gather to discuss maritime security in the region. Off Yemen, meanwhile, Saudi Arabia this week accused Houthi rebels of detaining more than 19 tankers at sea, off Hodeidah port. It's an interesting twist and could yet be used as a reason for the coalition to enter Hodeidah, the last major port under Houthi control.
In Southeast Asia, piracy has been under discussion. Specifically, whether one, sole reporting body would be better placed to cover maritime crime and piracy. That's what was under discussion at a round table chaired by ReCAAP. 
Off Malaysia, the MMEA foiled a pirate attack against a fishing vessel and, a few days later, scooped up the suspects believed to be behind it. 

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Sabato, 28 Aprile 2018
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Sabato, 28 Aprile 2018
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