Arab Human Development in the Twenty-first Century: The Primacy of Empowerment

13 October 2017

11:00 - 13:00 h

We would like to invite you to the book launch "Arab Human Development in the Twenty-first Century: The Primacy of Empowerment" presented by Prof. Bahgat Korany, Professor at the American University in Cairo and a scholar of international standing.

The volume, wrote for the 10th anniversary of the United Nations Development Program's project on the same themes, is the most update and complete guide on political economy and socio-economic developments available to academics and policy-makers.

The book launch will be held October 13th at the EGIC Headquarters - Via Gregoriana 12, Rome - from 11:00h until 13:00h and will be accompanied with a reception and refreshments.

EGIC is proud of his activity of book launches because only through the dissemination of high-level information and critical expert discussions it is possible to enhance understanding of the Middle East, the most complex and volatile region of the world.

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