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The latest news for September 1st 2017


Dear Readers,

A mixed bag this week. We begin with Libya and the Mediterranean, which are quickly becoming problematic for merchant shipping and, thanks to the split nature of the country, maritime security. This week, the EU-backed GNA government has seized three vessels in its waters, accusing two tankers of engaging in fuel smuggling (an industry that pre-dates people smuggling). Libya's Coast Guard has been accused of turning a blind eye in the past, but things may be changing. The CG is becoming more active and, according to media reports, huge amounts of money are being paid to Libyan militias to ensure migrant boats do not leave their waters. 
In West Africa, Nigeria's NIMASA continues to push for full port ISPS Code compliance, although it seems to be a distant dream for many smaller ports in the Delta. 
In the Indian Ocean region, the Saudi coalition in Yemen confirms that the security of the Bab el-Mandeb and Red Sea are of paramount concern. Recent boat bomb attacks in Yemen ports and threats to ships transiting the BAM have caused concerns for the merchant marine. 
In Southeast Asia, Malaysia is getting serious about fisheries protection and clamping down on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, blowing up a trawler this week. 
We close with news of a new project being undertaken by Airbus and CSO Alliance, who are jointly developing a new, global maritime crime reporting platform which will also cover maritime cyber threats. 

David Rider

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